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Volcanic Stone Table Top

The volcanic stone table tops offered by Mediterranean Ceramics are produced locally by Maltese craftsmen. They come adorned with custom, hand-made designs. This artisan touch is inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, imbuing in each design a unique sense of authenticity. The qualities which make volcanic stone ideal for kitchen counters also make it ideal for table tops. The finish Mediterranean Ceramics applies ensures the table tops are able to withstand high temperatures and that any liquid dropped would be easy to clean. The volcanic top makes these tables scratch, stain and frost proof, making them ideal for indoor/outdoor use. Time has showed us our hand-made, intricately designed table tops will stand up well to the challenge posed by the harsh UV rays radiated by the scorching Mediterranean sun. You can rest assured of the quality.

Poly Art -Mediterranean Ceramics offers a number of custom-designed, hand-painted volcanic stone kitchen counters. Volcanic stone is impervious, making it impossible for any liquid to pass through and for bacteria to grow. This ensures top-notch hygiene levels. Being made out of volcanic stone, these counters are naturally apt to withstand high temperatures, and they are also scratch proof, highly resistant to chipping and cracking. This makes our kitchen counters ideal for food preparation. The finish applied by Mediterranean Ceramics also ensures any custom design will not fade due to UV from the sun or aggressive stain removers. This makes our volcanic stone counters ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor kitchens. In fact, due to these properties, we have had requests for volcanic stone to be used for things like shop counters, outdoor bar counters as well as bathroom countertops, benches and stools.

Therefore home owners will have the One and only unique design volcanic top, personal signature and endorsement. It is a perfect gift to anyone for their contributions and recognition in their field of business. Feel free to call upon us on your requirement and need.